Darbar: Yogabliss to Live Music with Kanwal Ahluwalia

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Join us for an enriching Yogabliss session with Kanwal Ahluwalia, where you can gently stretch, bend, twist, and calm your mind in a fun, easy-going class open to all levels. 


This 60-minute hatha yoga class is designed to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate you on every level. Slower than a dynamic practice but still challenging, these sessions emphasize deep stretches, alignment, conscious breathing, and individual attention. To enhance your experience, the class is accompanied by live Indian classical music, creating a serene and immersive atmosphere. 


Kanwal Ahluwalia, with over 20 years of yoga practice and teaching since 2010, brings warmth, intuition, and clear communication to her classes. She encourages students to explore beyond the physical postures and delve into the profound philosophy of yoga. 


Come and experience the bliss of yoga to live music, suitable for all levels. 


Kanwal combines focussed communication, knowledge of anatomy and spiritual insight to form a beautifully rewarding practice with her students.       Sophie, London  


Please wear loose clothing, avoid eating a heavy meal before class and bring your own water.  

Sanitised yoga mats are provided but bring your own if you prefer.  

Doors open 15 mins before the start time. No admission 5 mins after the session has started.  

Yoga mats are provided, but can bring your own.


Kanwal Ahluwalia yoga teacher 

Kirpal Panesar esraj 


Booking info

26 October 2024

10:00 to 11:15


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