Pandit Anindo and Anubrata Chatterjee

Single Bill

Ready yourself to witness a much-awaited turbo charged tabla duet by India’s finest tabla legend with his son Anubrata.


Pandit Anindo Chatterjee (tabla)

Anubrata Chatterjee (tabla)

Dilshad Khan (sarangi)


Anindo Chatterjee is a phenomenon in the world of Indian classical music and his body of work over 50 years with the legends and emerging artists is second to none. His unique blend of technical excellence, innovation, collaborative spirit, pedagogical contributions, and global recognition cements his status as a legendary figure in the world of tabla music.


Following under his father guidance, experiencing Anubrata Chatterjee is an opportunity to witness a young master musician at the peak of his craft, delivering a performance that is both technically dazzling and emotionally moving.


Both represent the Farrukhabad gharana which is one of the prominent schools, or "gharanas," of tabla playing in north Indian classical music. The Farrukhabad gharana of tabla playing is characterized by its emphasis on clarity and precision, sophisticated compositions that showcase technical prowess and offer opportunities for improvisation, subtle variations and nuances in performance, versatility in mastering a wide range of rhythmic patterns and compositions, and a close connection to vocal music, making it a highly respected tradition within North Indian classical music.


This father son duet is once in a lifetime concert, so don’t miss a beat and book your tickets now.

Booking info

25 October 2024

13:00 - 15:00



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