Jasdeep Singh Degun + Shalmalee Joshi

Single Bill

Experience a double bill concert of sitar brilliance by Jasdeep Singh Degun followed by Joshi's impeccable execution of the Jaipur-Atruli style of khayal



Jasdeep Singh Degun (sitar)

Anubrata Chatterjee (tabla)


Step into the rich tapestry of Indian classical music as award winning virtuosos Jasdeep Singh Degun on the sitar and Anubrata Chatterjee on the tabla as they weave an unforgettable sonic and rhythmic journey - an evening of transcendence, where centuries-old traditions meet contemporary mastery. Savour the raag development through its four stages: the alaap (untimed exploration of the raag), jor (with a slight pulse exploration), jhalla (with a strong pulse) to when they are joined in crescendo by the tabla for the gat portion.


Following the triumphant premiere of his sitar concerto Arya with the Orchestra of Opera North in 2020, Jasdeep released his debut album on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records in 2021, recorded with the legendary Nitin Sawhney and supported by a Sky Academy Scholarship. Anomaly, ranging from high-wire sitar solos to lush, cinematic excursions, places the sitar in contemporary settings while rooted in Indian classical music frameworks. In 2022, as Artist in Residence at Opera North, Jasdeep's innovative work combining orchestral music with Indian classical improvisation earned critical acclaim and awards, leading to further recognition in 2023 with accolades including the Asian Achievers’ Art and Culture Award and Best Newcomer at the Songlines Awards.


Anubrata Chatterjee will be performing a tabla duet with his father Pandit Anindo Chatterjee on Friday 25 October and accompanying Amaan Ali Khan on Saturday, 26 October.





Shalmalee Joshi khayal (vocal)

Siddhesh Bicholkar (harmonium)

Vinod Lele (Tabla)


Embark on a musical odyssey with Shalmalee Joshi, the maestra of khayal vocals from the illustrious Atruli Jaipur Gharana. Joshi makes her UK debut performance and is joined by tabla virtuoso Vinod Lele and harmonium maestro Siddhesh Bicholkar, this ensemble promises an evening of unparalleled artistry and soul-stirring ragas. Experience the timeless elegance and intricate rhythms of classical Indian music as they come to life in a performance that will captivate your senses and leave you spellbound. Joshi is the foremost disciple of Pandit Ratnakar Pai. Her music embodies distinct features of rare ragas and voice culture spanning three octaves with astonishing ease. The Atruli-Jaipur Gharana is renowned for its distinctive style and rich heritage in Indian classical music, characterized by intricate melodies and profound emotional depth. Don't miss this special opportunity to witness the magic of this Gharana brought to life on stage.

Booking info

25 October 2024

18:30 - 10:15



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