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Why your favourite musicians wake up at 3 am for Riyaz

There are spiritual reasons to wake up at this so-called ungodly hour. Keep calm and Riyaz on Western folklore has instilled in our minds that 3 am is the witching hour. However, many believe it is a time of heightened spiritual awareness,

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5 Aug 2022

5 Sounds that Heal

Emerging research has started to support what Indian classical music has known for centuries & sounds can heal.

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12 Jul 2022

Rasa and Bhava: An explainer guide

Could Rasa and Bhava be the bedrock of modern-day Psychology? And how does music lead to religious enlightenment?

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24 Jun 2022

Nine nights of joy

The ancient Hindu festival of Navratri celebrates the female form in all its avatars.

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16 Jun 2022

The Commodification of Ishq

The Arabic word Ishq means love or passion.

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21 May 2022

Goddess Saraswati in Modern-Day India

Goddess Saraswati in Modern-Day India

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11 May 2019

An Introduction to Shabad Kirtan: Sikh worship ritual

Shabad kirtan, literally meaning 'word chant', is the central communal worship ritual of the Sikhs - a religion based on the realisation of the oneness of God through singing and listening to mystical poetry.

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11 May 2019

An Introduction to Bhajan: Hindu devotional song

Bhajan is the generic name for any kind of Indian, usually Hindu, devotional song. It is completely text-led, its devotional nature underpinned by the words rather than by any specific musical style.

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11 May 2019

An Introduction to Qawwali: the music of the Sufi mystics

Qawwali music is the main communal worship ritual of the Sufis - a mystic strand of Islam.

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11 May 2019

Legendary Figures: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the qawwali powerhouse

The last decade of the 20th century witnessed an amazing musical phenomenon in the art of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997), a hereditary qawwal...

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The Namaste Mindset

This new year, a new you comes from accepting the old one read more

Musical Musing by Sandeep Virdee, OBE

Indian classical music and wellbeing read more

How classical music impacts your body's energy centres

Classical music can uplift your mind, body and spirit—Indians believe it constitutes the ascent... read more

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New to Indian Music

Guru-Shishya Parampara: Master and disciple, knowledge through surrender

Indian classical music is largely a hereditary tradition, generally taught in a pedagogical fashion... read more

What is Rasa? The 'essence' or 'juice' - a flowing nectar of emotional experience

Rasa (also spelt ras) is the word for 'juice' in many Indian languages. In a musical sense its meaning... read more

Why do Indian musicians tune their instruments in front of the audience?

One famous story of an Indian musician tuning before his audience has now taken a permanent place in... read more

New to indian Classical Music?

The beginner's guide to Indian classical music. Whether you’re completely new to raga music or just need a refresher, we’ve put together this brief overview of all things raga music to help you feel at ease when visiting one of our concerts or watch our videos on our YouTube or our Darbar Concert Hall.

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