Darbar: Music, Mantra and Guided Meditation with Qi-Rattan

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Uncover the path to your inner peace.  


Qi-Rattan supports you by moving beyond mindfulness with sound therapy and a guided meditation for self-healing, awakening the jewel within.   


Kaur will guide you through a transformative journey, combining the sacred power of mantras with guided meditation, all set to the enchanting backdrop of live music. Jagdeep Kaur's melodic guitar strings intertwine seamlessly with Amritpal Singh's rhythmic tabla grooves, creating a harmonious blend that soothes the soul and calms the mind. 


Join us at the Barbican Centre for this unique experience that transcends the ordinary. Let the music and mantras elevate your spirit, while the guided meditation brings you to a place of serene introspection. This event is a perfect opportunity to connect with your inner self and find a sense of peace amidst the bustle of everyday life. 


"Music, Mantra, and Guided Meditation with Qi-Rattan" at the Darbar Festival 2024 is not just an event; it's an invitation to a journey within. Don't miss this chance to experience the transformative power of sound and silence, led by masters of their craft. 


Kaur brings 15 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, reiki and sound therapy using crystals. Kaur and Singh have produced 4 albums and their recent track ‘Puri Asa’ reached number one on the iTunes World Music Charts.   


Doors open 15 mins before the start time. No admission 5 mins after the session has started.   

Jagdeep Kaur guitar  

Amritpal Singh tabla  

Robin Christian bansuri  

Ben Hazleton double bass  


Booking info

27 October 2024

19:00 - 20:00

Auditorium 1, Barbican Centre


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