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Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar has taken an extraordinarily deep approach to learning. His father was an amateur vocalist and musicologist, and trained his son well enough for him to top Nagpur University’s music course. He went on to train under Pandits Ram Marathe and Gajananrao Joshi ("an amazing man who was a very accomplished singer but also a very skilled violin player. He had evolved his own style of violin playing quite distinct from any other that we know").

He eventually mastered the nuances of three khayal gharanas - Agra, Jaipur, and Gwalior. Music critic Prakash Wadhera describes his detailed approach: “He just seems to press one key and out comes a raga in the true Jaipur colours, another to obtain a melody attired in the Agra style and still another to get a raga in the Gwalior habiliments”. Today he is recognised as one of North India’s most accomplished singers, often resurrecting rare ragas from the past.

"Ultimately the music has to be attractive. There are important principles which one should adhere to, but that does not mean one cannot borrow and adapt."

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