Bhai Satninder Bodal

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Bodal hails from a rich lineage of Sikh musicians known as Rababi’s. Blessed by the Sixth Guru of the Sikhs, it is said that Guru Hargobind the sixth Sikh Guru requested the Bodal family to start partaking in Sikh devotional music, known as Kirtan. Since then, the family have been custodians of the tradition. Famous musicians in this lineage include Bhai Dilbagh Singh and Bhai Gulbagh Singh. 


Having had a rich musical upbringing, Satninder Singh Bodal also took formal training under Professor Harjinder Aman and Ustad Baldev Singh Narang (Patiala- Shaam Chaurasi Gharana) retrospectively. Both of whom upheld the Punjab Style of Classical Music. 


More recently this year, Satninder Singh Bodal played a pivotal role in “The Allegory - A Tapestry of Guru Nanaks Journey”. This documentary depicted the journey of Guru Nanak on his travels spreading The message of the Sikh Faith. This was the first time a docu-series was made detailing every city Guru Nanak had travelled to spread his message.

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