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Ganesh & Kumaresh Rajagopalan are Carnatic music’s foremost violin brothers, having performed together for over four decades. Their insurance broker father was a talented amateur violinist, and started teaching them at the ages of three and two respectively. They received acclaim as prodigies, and had performed over 100 times before Kumaresh (the younger) had turned ten.

By their early teens they were playing to acclaim at major festivals, with a maturity of style that belied their years. All India Radio even lowered their minimum age to become a highly graded artist in response to their accomplishments.

They play classical music with colourful modern flourishes, and visit out-and-out fusion territory too, working with jazz and electronic musicians. An open-minded style is no surprise - the Uttar Pradesh family home they grew up in often played host to concerts from visiting musicians from both the North and South. Carnatic legends such as MS Gopalakrishnan hail them as the best violinists of their generation, and they continue to experiment today.

"We share. We argue. We fight. We come to a consensus. We have grown like this. We have grown the art also this way...We retain our individual characters as artistes even as we perform together."

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