Darbar: Raga Wellbeing with Jason Kalidas

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Experience the healing power of Indian Raags on the Bansuri and Tanpuras. 


This unique wellbeing event delves into the holistic aspects of Indian classical music, focusing on how ragas can evoke and influence emotions, promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 


Playing ragas is an ancient tradition of healing music and sound, rooted in Naad Yoga (Yoga of Sound). These musical formulas are designed to resonate with specific emotional states, aiming for emotional wellbeing, deep meditation, and healing. Jason Kalidas, a renowned flautist, will guide you through this rich tradition, demonstrating how different ragas can create a harmonious balance within using live tanpuras, a drone instrument which forms the DNA of Indian classical music. 


Jason will lead you on an experiential journey where the ancient melodies of ragas meet contemporary life’s demands. Each raga, with its specific mood and emotional landscape, helps to cultivate inner peace, reduce stress, and enhance overall wellbeing. The structured yet fluid nature of these compositions allows listeners to experience a symbiotic relationship between the music and their inner emotional states. 


During this session, Jason will showcase live performances of various ragas, each crafted to resonate with specific times of the day, seasons, and emotions. This immersive experience will demonstrate how the soothing tones of the flute can open the heart, calm the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit. 


"Raga Wellbeing with Jason Kalidas" is designed for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with Indian classical music. It’s a perfect event for those looking to explore the therapeutic benefits of music, find inner balance, and experience the timeless beauty of ragas in a supportive and enriching environment. 


Join us at the Darbar Festival for this enriching journey and discover how the ancient art of Indian classical music, through the practice of Naad Yoga, can enhance your modern wellbeing. 


Please arrive 15 minute early to find your way to the correct Frobisher Rooms, register and be seated. 

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26 October 2024

19:00 to 20:15


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