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Momin Khan is a rising star of the sarangi. Born into a family of musicians stretching back eight generations, his grandfather Ustad Mehboob Khan was known as Sarangi Samrat (Emperor of Sarangi). He trained under Momin’s father Ustad Moinuddin Khan, a renowned Jaipur vocalist, studying alongside his cousin Sabir. They have spent years working to uphold the family style on their instruments.

Momin grew up surrounded by other musicians in a 42 room haveli (shared townhouse), and recalls first hearing the sarangi as his lori (lullaby). He begged his father to teach him the instrument, and one night at the age of six he stayed up until the early hours, awaiting his father’s return from a concert so he could plead for his lessons to begin.

He took to the instrument immediately, winning state competitions and forming a unique style imbued with the sounds of the sitar, tabla, bansuri, and other instruments. He completed a music degree before the age at which most students even start university, and now spends six to seven hours a day immersed into his practice.

"May goddess Saraswati grant us the highest knowledge, grace, art and creativity"

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