Ustad Waseem Khan

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An extraordinary full evening concert featuring Ustad Waseem Khan from the Agra Gharana. 



Khan will transport you into the gripping improvised world of khayal (imagination) through his velvety, exquisitely expressive voice and his penetrating sense of drama - the trademark of the Agra gharana (school of music). Khan took his initial training from his grandfather and stalwart, Ustad Ata Hussain Khan Saheb, at just six years old. Thereafter, he continued his taalim (knowledge) from his father, Ustad Naseem Ahmed Khan Saheb, and grandfather, Ustad Shafi Ahmed Khan Saheb. Witness the exploration of the raag as he paints surreal imagery in your mind. He is accompanied uniquely by sarangi master, Hussain Khan, and the superb Kulkarni on harmonium. Rayatt provides sublime rhythmic support on the tabla.

Ustad Waseem Ahmed Khan (khayal vocal) 
Gurdain Rayatt (tabla) 
Milind Kulkarni (harmonium) 

Milton Court, 18:30-22.15

£50, £35, £25, £20 

Booking info

23 October 2021 | 18:30 - 22:15

Barbican Centre, Milton Court

£50, £35, £25, £20 

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Gurdain Rayatt, Milind Kulkarni, Waseem Ahmed Khan on Darbar Concert Hall

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