Satyajit Talwalkar and Wahane Sisters Duet

Double Bill

DOUBLE BILL Talwalkar's explosive tabla solo and the child prodigy Wahane Sisters 

Sanskrati Wahane sitar
Prakrati Wahane santoor 
Yashwant Vaishnav tabla

The Wahane sisters make their first international concert. Sanskrati was discovered on a Facebook video back in 2016 and she left classical connoisseurs in awe. Six years later, she is joined by her sister as they travel from Ujjain, India to London to present their raw yet musical exploration of ragas. Whilst they will be beyond excited to perform on their first international tour, be ready to be transported back to India. They have been trained by their father Lokesh Wahane and are currently being taught by the legendary Ustad Shahid Parvez and Pandit Suresh Talwalkar.  Vaishnav, another child prodigy whose breathtaking video when he was aged 9 appeared on YouTube four years ago. Now with 1.2 million views, he has developed into one of India’s finest emerging tabla talents. Hold on to your seats for these three young masters to present raga and tala power and bring the thousand-year form through youthful minds. 


Satyajit Talwalkar tabla solo
Sabir Sultan Khan sarangi nagma

Talwalkar tabla playing has created a unique signature sound from the musical rhythmic patterns to lightning speed virtuoso improvisations and compositions – a true master of the tabla at the top of his creative musical ability and power. He learnt his art from his father, the legendary Pandit Suresh Talkwalkar. Prepare to join a rhythmic journey from the slow improvisation through the structured groovy permutations and combinations to end with a crescendo of mind-bending set pieces.  The art of timekeeping is kept by Sabir Khan on the sarangi.  This is Talwalkar’s first London solo – and a long-awaited one – so book early. This concert is in memory of Bhai Gurmit Singh Ji Virdee, in whose memory the Darbar Festival was founded in 2006. 

Booking info

14 October 2022 | 18:30-22:15

Barbican Centre

£50, £35, £25, £20

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