Leo Twins & Zeeshan Ali

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Experience the harmonious mastery of the Leo Twins and Zeeshan Ali, presented by Darbar at Southbank Centre's very first South Asian Sounds festival. The Leo Twins seamlessly fuse traditional and contemporary sounds and have captured hearts and ears around the world. Renowned for their virtuosity on the violin, rabaab, mandolin and the tabla, this dynamic duo effortlessly blends folk and contemporary influences, creating a symphony that transcends boundaries.

They are joined at this performance by Zeeshan Ali, a vocal virtuoso whose emotive renditions tug at the heartstrings. With a voice that traverses classical intricacies and contemporary vibrancy, Ali is a force to be reckoned with in the world of ghazal, folk and qawwali.

This concert is not just a performance; it's a celebration of musical fusion. The Leo Twins, with their instrumental virtuosity, and Zeeshan Ali, with his evocative vocals, promise to create an unparalleled synergy on stage.

Expect a seamless blend of traditional melodies and contemporary rhythms, bridging the gap between the classical and the modern with finesse. Immerse yourself in an evening of unparalleled artistry and musical brilliance.

This concert is partnership concert with Southbank Centre's new South Asian Sound Festival - a musical journey celebrating contemporary and classical music. A series of unforgettable concerts brings together some of the biggest names in South Asian music with cutting-edge new voices and cross-genre collaborations.

Booking info

08 March 2024


Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre

£35 ⁠–⁠ £75

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