• Arati Ankalikart Tikekar | Raag Abhang

    This upbeat and bright piece is the grand finale from Arati Ankalikar’s performance at the Darbar Festival 2011. She sings an ‘abhang’- a spiritual song composed in the regional languages of south-western India. The lyrics of the abhang are composed in her mother-tongue Marathi, by Saint Soyarab...

  • Arati Ankalikart Tikekar | Mirabai bhajan

    This bhajan was composed by the 16th century Hindu mystique and poet Mirabai (1498-1546). Ankalikar improvises the bhajan with soulful melodic extensions of its lyrics and widening the melodic scope and emotional spectrum of its meaning.  

    The bhajan says, ‘Mhare ghar awo ji preetam pyare,’ whe...

  • Veena Sahasrabuddhe | Vande Matram

    Vande Mataram is the concluding piece of Veena Sahasrabuddhe’s concert from the Darbar Festival 2010. She inadvertently churns out this soulful melody, stirring the emotions of her audiences and bringing them to tears.

    Vande Mataram (I bow to thee, mother) is the national song of India which was...

  • Ashwini Bhide Deshpande – Kabir Bhajan

    During her performance at the 2009 Darbar Festival, many had tears in their eyes as they listened to this stunning Kabir bhajan.

  • Veena Sahasrabuddhe | Nirguni Bhajan

    Composed by Pandit Kashinath Bodas (1935-1995) on praise of Omkar

    Sahasrabuddhe delivers this concert with the indelible imprint of the Gwalior and Jaipur gharanas while her taankari (rapid notes) have underlying shades of Kirana gharana.

    Veena Sahasrabuddhe (1948-2016) was an esteemed Hindust...