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Do you want to learn Indian music?

Most of us have dreamt about learning Indian music, but don’t have the necessary contacts or resources to get started.  Learning music is a magical journey and Darbar Academy wants to share this magic with you.   


Darbar Academy is committed to providing high-quality online classes and teaching to people from all backgrounds.  We provide you with high-quality education through online classes straight to the comfort of your home.  The best teachers at an affordable price.  


We are passionate about sharing the richness of Indian music with learners all over the world.  You can trust Darbar Academy to make your dream come true.   

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Darbar Online Learner Survey

We are developing our courses with the needs of our learners in mind.  For this to be successful we need you to complete this survey for us.   

We will be delivering education for all levels: absolute beginners to advanced and would love to more about you and your interests.  

Kindly submit a separate form for each learner in your family.   Please use the links at the bottom of this page to share this with your friends, family and anyone that wants to learn about Indian music.   

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Learn to sing from Indrani Mukherjee 

This was the first course that was launched by the Darbar Academy.  It was a live class which took place every Saturday for 8 weeks.   Students from all over the world are successfully learned a step-by-step learning and practice plan to get in tune and singing their first raag fast.   

Indrani Mukherjee is an amazing vocalist from Kolkata and was a scholar of the prestigious ITC Sangeet Research Academy.  She has performed at the Darbar festival and has been working with us for several years. Indrani has been teaching students of all levels for many years. For the last 10 years, she has taken to online teaching, reaching out to beginners and advanced students alike across geographical boundaries.  She is passionate about teaching and giving everyone access to her knowledge.  Indrani believes that online teaching is an excellent medium that gives even wider access to music lovers from all over the world. 

Do you want to learn how to sing?  Maybe you are someone who: started learning years ago but was unable to keep up with classes, is now retired and has always loved Indian music and now feels like the right time to start learning about the things you love most or you might be a parent that wants your children to learn in a professional learning environment from a top-quality teacher with a systematic approach, without having to travel to classes.  The classes are in English and many western musicians have also joined and are now benefiting from learning about the Indian raga system.   


You will glad to learn that we are now planning the launch of the next round of vocal courses.  Register your interest now to get further information and how to start learning at the Darbar academy. 

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